1. the condition of being physically fit and healthy.
    “disease and lack of fitness are closely related”
    synonyms: good health, strength, robustness, vigor, athleticism, toughness, physical fitness, muscularity; More

Roughly two years ago, I took up running. Well, if we get technical, I started out jogging and doing intervals of jogging and running on the treadmill. Before that, I’d aspire to run, try for a bit, give up because it was to hard wah wah wah.

In ninth grade, my aerobics teacher at school measured my fat and called me a skinny fat person. I weighed about 115 pounds an was not fit. I took up swim team and did some dancing.

Dancing was an on and off passion since childhood, often made difficult because of various relocations and finances. I totally understand that now when at the end of the month we are on house arrest eating rice and beans (nothing wrong with that!).

In college, I rediscovered dance and became very involved with the dance program and ended up graduating with B.S. in Theater and Dance.
After college, I continued taking ballet, 90 minute hot yoga classes, and taught belly dancing.

Circa 2007, we moved back to Kansas with our daughter and I began taking more Middle Eastern dance classes, teaching Middle Eastern dance, and teaching Adult Ballet. It was wonderful! I even had a little studio in my home.

Flash forward. I live out in the country surrounded by fields and dirt roads and have four children and a husband n a retail schedule. Teaching or taking dance is just not possible. I can run. I can get on my treadmill and run. I can go to the YMCA 10 miles away and run.
Voila, that is how I became a runner. Now I’m addicted.

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