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Welcome to my humble home. You are getting a glimpse into the life of a city girl. Even though I traveled the world at a very young age with my family and have lived in several different states, I NEVER would have imagined ending up living in the country, miles and miles from town. This is proving to be my own family’s big adventure.

When we first moved out here, it was a quick emotional decision. It was lovely sitting around with my husband and my parents talking about living the quiet country life. Our minds’ eyes saw the kids running on the land, Little House On The Prairie style! We imagined star gazing and enjoying nothing but the sounds of crickets chirping.

For about the first 6 months, I felt like I was on vacation. We moved in the middle of winter.DSCN0641 No door to door salesman came by. My wardrobe went from city chic to frumpy sweat-pants-girl. Why get fixed up when no one is going to come to the door?

I had my work cut out for me caring for 3 children, unpacking, and settling in.

Picture a roller coaster. I went on that ride. Woo HOO!!!! I love living in the country! Then the roller coaster took a nose dive. I got sick and was faced with 10 acres of weeds and super long drives to town with  little gas money in my pocket.

What the hell were we thinking, right? I missed people, being 3 miles from an amazing zoo, 1 mile from my favorite grocery store, Aldi, and living across the street from my parents. I missed running on neighborhood sidewalks free from the dangers of wild animals or huge rock quarry trucks barreling down the road.DSCN1072

With a husband working long long hours with a long commute, I felt alone. So alone. Alone with 3 kids, a cat, and some chickens.


There really is no way for me to describe the utter despair that lived in my gut. All the while I knew this was our forever house and location. The worst and most selfish feeling was thinking not a soul from town missed me. While we made the drive back to Wichita frequently, very few wanted to drive here to see us.

PITY PARTY!!! I’m afraid so.

Don’t worry! After almost three years, several very unfortunate events, and one gorgeous baby later, I can say I genuinely love my life here. I’m ok with my ups and downs. This was a seriously major change and I do not change overnight nor could I accomplish taking care of livestock, tending land, and gardening our first summer out here.

Now that my youngest  is one and my child bearing years have come to an end, I am a woman on a mission to homestead! HECK YES! I can do this! DSCN1105

I’m talking about growing our own food, figuring out how to actually keep all of our chickens alive so we can eat lots of eggs and maybe sell a few. We live a frugal life now and I want to see just how much we can save by growing our own here on the homestead.

A small harvest.
A small harvest.

We want to raise pigs for meat and maybe someday, a cow. A real, entire cow… maybe two cows. MOOOOOO!!

My family fuels my enthusiasm. It may be a lot on my shoulders now, but my kids are going to learn right along side me and pretty soon, they’ll be in the kitchen canning and doing all the dishes.

Raising children, homeschooling, learning to homestead, running, dancing, cooking, eating… I am so excited!! Welcome to my family’s adventure.

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