The Aldi Walk of Shame


Aldi is my favorite grocery store. I love Aldi. Expect future posts about Aldi. This store should be your friend if you have a large family to feed.

Here is a tip. Know Thy Aldi

Yesterday my husband and I took two kiddos on an Aldi expedition. I was more prepared than last time.

Our Aldi is a busy place! If you have been to Aldi, you know how they are set up. You go up and down the aisles and end up at check-out. This is not a store in which to pause and browse.

It’s like a busy one lane, one way street! You’ve got busy moms with their kids, a few single people who always make the mistake of shopping without a cart and end up juggling an arm load of groceries at check-out, and then you’ve got your over 70 group. You do not want to make the over 70 group unhappy!

On that fateful day, I went through the doors and began to slowly make my way up the first aisle, trying carefully to get everything I needed as I went. It was a busy morning at Aldi and there seemed to be more than usual in the Over 70 crowd. As the line approached the eggs at the end of the aisle, I realized with horror that I’d missed the crackers!

Option one: forget the crackers and deal with cranky kids for the next two weeks because they have no crackers with their cheese.

Option two: the Aldi Walk of Shame.

As sweat beaded up on my neck, I began to turn my cart around. Agitated stares from other shoppers bore into my back as I made my way upstream. “Excuse my, pardon me, I forgot to grab crackers!!” Why was no one smiling? Where is mercy? I laughed nervously as I reached in between the carts of two shoppers to snatch up a few boxes of crackers.

By the time crackers hit the bottom of my cart and I had turned back around to join the flow of traffic, I realized everything had come to a halt. At least three Over 70 women and their carts were lined up behind the eggs, blocking anyone else from moving around to the next aisle. I needed eggs too!

I’m tall, so I could see there were no eggs in the first rack of the fridge! Oh no!

Finally, one of the elderly ladies began to shout “we need some help here! Get the next rack of eggs!” And it worked. My body started shaking with giggles. Within a couple of minutes, a new rack of eggs was rolled to the front and the line moved along, order restored.

Know They Aldi. Go a few times and then organize your list accordingly. Avoid the walk of shame!