Cheese Fest 2015

Cheese Fest. It happened. I was unstoppable! Brie, sharp cheddar, crisp apples, homemade artisan bread, oh my!

This is a “one time” story. You know, like “one time, I ate Chinese food and then ran 4 miles.”
Or “one time, I opened a bag of mini¬†Oreos and ate the whole bag. And then…..”

One time I took my kids to my parents’ house to spend the night when my husband was working long shifts. Normally, we eat dinner, clean up, get the kids to bed, and watch a British drama on tv. Maybe we’ll munch on a few almonds and a piece of dark chocolate.
That particular night, I was extra hungry and thought I’d have an apple and a piece of cheese. After all, we’d already had dinner.

Before I knew it, my sweet Dad had prepared a cheese board with two or three kinds of cheese, including a large round of brie. There were apples, grapes, crackers, and fresh homemade artisan bread.


Remember, no one was too hungry!

We could not stop. The red wine was flowing. I remember the angel on my right shoulder saying “Kelsey, you will regret this tomorrow! You should have stopped at 4oz of wine and one piece of bread with cheese.’

On the other shoulder was pure evil “Kelsey, moohahahahahaha, you know you love this! Cheese is GOOOOOD. Wine makes you feel nice, go ahead, have some more. Eeeeeaaat cheeeeeeese.”


So I did. Pretty soon we were sitting around the coffee table, laughing and eating as the round of brie became smaller and smaller and smaller.

I raised my glass to give my parents a cheer “Cheers to Cheese Fest of 2015!!”

We clinked glasses and laughed! It was the sort of flushed cheek laugh brought on by good wine and company.

And then, the next day came around. It reminded me of that scene from one of my favorite movies French Kiss with Meg Ryan. She’s on a train making love to a cheese board, until IT hits and she screams “Lactose intolerance!”

It did pass and I went a few days without eating any cheese. No desire.

Life returned to normal, until one day, my dad went up to his kitchen to prepare snacks. “Brie anyone?”

Yes please.