Diet and Milk Kefir

Thanks for listening to a small part of my journey to health. I could go on and on about kefir. I’d love to shout if from rooftops. It is that great.

In addition to helping the body’s immune system function at its best, milk kefir helps with skin, teeth, bad breath problems, constipation, joint pain, weight loss, and more. If you think you cannot drink it because you are lactose intolerant, have no fear. The grains eat away all the sugar leaving you with a lactose free super beverage.

I hope you try it!

See my posts about how to Make Milk Kefir  and Kombucha. Not only can these be made at home, but it is drastically less expensive than buying the finished product at the store.


2015-12-27 05.49.39
Photo by sweet daughter.

For years, my husband failed at surprising me on Christmas. I’d either guess or he would get so excited about the gift he’d give it to me early. Or he’d find a bad hiding spot. It’s difficult to hide things from this Mommy!

This year, however, it was with much pride he handed me a present wrapped in blue paper and said “you’ll never guess.”

He was right, I was so surprised to get a Garmin Vivosmart! I’ve been through several basic sport watches over the years. I’d use them for timing my runs and that was about it.

I’m excited to wear this Vivosmart for a while and plan on doing my very first post-Christmas run today while wearing it.

Thanks Baby Cakes!