On Homeschool Convention

If homeschooling was easy, everyone would be doing it!

In my opinion, some moms make homeschooling look effortless. I was in the home of a lovely homeschooling mom and stood in awe of her nicely organized learning area. It looked just like something out of Real Simple. There was a small table with little chairs, a sofa, a couple larger comfy chairs, easels, built- in shelving with all kinds of fabric tote bins, each item labeled by either subject or child’s name, or both. Her two children were also learning to play musical instruments. She had a flourishing garden in her gorgeously manicured back lawn. p.s. she had no babies or toddlers so I may one day live that dream

It was one of those moments that made me feel like a bit of a failure! We never really know where we’ll end up studying our lessons. Only my oldest is officially being homeschooled and we are at home obviously. At any given moment, I have to leave my daughter’s side to wipe a tush, change diaper, switch laundry, pick up a mess, take a phone call, or nurse a crying infant.

This funny rings true here.

start school

I feel so sorry that my daughter and I cannot cozy up in a quiet place free of distractions and bury our noses in books together.

Months of this go by, and then it is time for convention! YES! I have friends who say they do not need convention. That’s fine. It would be nice if I didn’t need it, but I really need the support found amongst the throngs of parents devoted to their children’s’ education. I love being surrounded by fellow freaks! I love the volunteers that tend to the children 6 and up. They are amazing role models.

I love the workshops, where I get to learn and soak up inspiration that will hopefully get me through until next year’s convention!

Todd Wilson’s cartoons crack me up, because they are TRUE! I once turned a trip to the grocery store into a math lesson for my daughter.

support group

At times, it’s easy to feel I’m on an island alone. I wonder if I am the only mom who after days and days and days of teaching “1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1” to no avail, head on table, is ready to admit defeat.

No, I’m not alone. It’s why those workshops are so successful and funny and heartfelt. Other parents go through what we go through! And then we get to share our successes and joys.

After one workshop (which I bought on cd), my lovely and talented homeschooling cousin said she felt it was just another pep talk, that she already knew those things. She was right. But sometimes, an inspiring pep talk is just what this Mommy needs to keep on truckin’! On really difficult days I can pop that cd in, and others I bought, drink in a little encouragement, and face the next set of fractions.

And OH, the shopping!! The shopping at convention!! GIDDY HAPPY FEELINGS! We came home with some Usborne books that have everyone in our house anxious to plop on the sofa and read.