Our Sweet Home School Life

Most days I wake up and think how lucky we are to be keeping our kids home with us. How many people wish they could do that and can’t or worry they would not succeed at home schooling? I have no idea. But we are so blessed to be on this journey and now that we have the first few years under our belts, we would not have it any other way!

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who think we are just wacky and plain wrong to live this kind of life. Does not bother me.

Sometimes I get a 6:30 am concert on the hearth.


For those of you wondering what a day is like for us, I’ll do my best to convey it all in this post. Without a video camera following me around, it’s very difficult to share just how busy I stay from 7am-10pm every day. Nor will you witness me getting impatient and cranky with the children as I so often do.

My sleeping beauties generally emerge from their cocoons around 7am. If I was really super mom, I’d be up long before that and have breakfast ready. Nope.

The baby gets changed right away and handed a cup of milk kefir.

While she is drinking that, I either take that time to get myself ready for the day or start breakfast and get out of jammies later on.


What a way to start the day.

After the feeding frenzy dies down the kids go into a state of calm, giving me a chance to do all the dishes, get dressed, and get some laundry started if needed.

Right now, my big kids are into playing games such as Trouble, Uno, and Checkers. If I’m really lucky, they will sit and play a game while I get ready for the day and take care of the little girls.

My boy will never volunteer to get out of his jammies. Usually I have to order him to change before school.

My oldest daughter then heads over to my my mom’s house. My kids call her Yia Yia. Since teaching  Charis has been a bumpy roller coaster ride for me and 10 hour days of public school/bus riding was out of the question, Yia Yia teaches most of Charis’ core subjects.

Finally, usually by or before 9am, we get out the books here. My son has finished up all of his Kinder materials at the beginning of January so now we are taking baby steps into First Grade. While he goes through his workbooks, my little girl generally asks for her school. Why wouldn’t she want to be like the big kids?


About the only thing we struggle with is keeping Baby Girl entertained. She wants to be involved too and grabs at everything and when she does not get her way, she screams, ever so loudly. This too shall pass. I cannot allow her to tear up the big kids’ books.

It is great when my oldest volunteers to teach her little sis.

Mostly I sit at the table juggling the three younger children. We all last for about an hour and a half and then we are done for the day.

The beauty of our lessons is that they are mostly one on one so we can do math, reading, and science or Bible all in 90 minutes. At that point, we are all more than ready for a break.

I clean up the table while the kids run to play. Usually my son heads straight to his Lego table. He plays with Legos for HOURS every single day.

Weather permitting, we love to head outside and play before and after lunch. Who needs snow to sled?

This gives me just enough time to check laundry, maybe do a little cleaning, get the baby down for a nap, and then it’s time to think about what to make for lunch.

Lunch and more clean-up.

During what I consider to be a perfect day, I will have wrapped up my list of chores, prepped dinner, and either run on the treadmill or have completed 30 minutes of PiYo by 3:00. This usually happens a couple of times a week. Everyone has to be in good spirits for me to work out while they are all awake.

At 7:00pm, the children are in their pajamas and ready for stories. I either read or put on audio books.

At around 8pm I finally have a moment to myself. Before I sit down I decide if I’m going to work out, get in bed and read, or watch tv while I crochet. This all depends on how tired I am at that point.

Another wonderful thing about our sweet home school life is that we can do just about anything at a moment’s notice in the middle of the week.


Because we have the freedom to do school work on weekends, we can take off on weekday field trips. Recently we joined a group of Kansas Home Schoolers in Topeka, KS to tour the Capital building and listen to a few of our conservative leaders speak.

My son driving a robot that some home schooled high school students built.

We climbed 296 steps to the top dome and saw Ad Astra’s elbow. He’s a huge statue at the very top of the second dome.


While we were in Topeka, we went to the Mulvane Museum Art Lab. It is fantastic!


We came back with a pile of artwork, including one special treat I made for my husband.


Every other week we attend home school c0-op where are kids take classes I do not offer at home such as Bal-A-Vis-X, hand bells, art, and creative writing.

I love our life and hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our world.

Playing School

Sometimes we “do” school, other times we don’t. How did we get it in our mind that school needs to last 7 or more hours, with a lot of that time spent sitting inside at desks or waiting in lines? Maybe I’ll answer that in a future post. It could get rather long, going into the history of schools.

This post is for all of you mothers who feel guilty or worry about how other people are judging you because you let your child play far more than you make them sit and DO SCHOOL. I made the mistake of letting judgmeDSCN1124nt rule my home school room with our firstborn and do not plan on putting my other three children through that kind of stress. Like I always say, I learn the hard way!

We are currently using a Kindergarten curriculum for our son. I’m afraid if I put one together myself, I’ll accidentally forget to cover something important. I love this curriculum because on a good day, we get it all done in under an hour! If The Boy finishes all of his assignments carefully, he gets to do an Usborne sticker page. They are magical. We need more, lots and lots more!

The Boy does not always want to have school. What’s a mommy to do? Force him to sit and have a battle of wills? Been there done that!

I say “Ok, go play, maybe we’ll do some later today.” Maybe we get to it, maybe not.

Most days when the weather is great look something like this.

The Boy and Wittle Wittle captured bugs and put them in a zoo.

When he got tired of playing Bug Zoo, these two played Princess and Knight. I did not capture them together in the tower, but pictured is their beloved tall tall tower from which the brave Knight rescues the little damsel in distress. Some days it is a hideaway from bad guys or a rocket ship or simply what it is, a fort with a super slide.

The brave knight game went on for hours, with a brief respite for sustenance a refreshing glass of Kombucha. Then it was right back out to practice slaying dragons. Why on Earth would I ever want to interrupt such fun and fantasy with letters and numbers? I just love watching these two kiddos play.


Their DSCN1126endless creativity and imaginative ideas never cease to blow me away. Big Sis only likes to play outside if an adult is out there with her. Thus is has always been. Nor did she run wild for hours playing make-believe. She has her own hobbies. The Boy and Wittle Wittle played outside for a total of almost seven hours.
After I iDSCN1125nsisted on a bath, dinner, and drink, what did they do? They headed back outside. This time I was a mean mommy and made them stay on the deck since I had already worked so hard to wash the dirt off of their limbs and then out of the tub. Slaying dragons and exploration can be very dirty work. Watching them play all day makes every moment of my job as a full time mom/teacher/cook/maid totally 100% worth it!

I should add tDSCN1158hat my veteran home school Mother stopped in with all the supplies needed for my kids to do a really neato science project. My kids never thought of it as school even though they were learning a lot about skeletons! Thanks Yia Yia! You are DA BOMB!

DSCN1155In the end, I think my son will look back on these days and thank me for letting him play.



I found this online and it cracked me up.