Kid Friendly Beef Dinners

Last time I was in our county’s health department, I picked up a packet of Kid Friendly Beef Dinner recipes. Every recipe is healthy, easy to make, and delicious. I consider myself a Foodie and a true Gourmet. But I also like to give my kids food that doesn’t cause them to ask “what on Earth is this?”

It’s a good thing that gourmet food and healthy choices can be easy, simple and kid-friendly. I strive to cook without added sugar and I love to use fresh ingredients.

These recipes are just too good not to share, especially if you have picky eaters at home. Luckily, so far, only one of my kids is picky, but even she is branching out and trying new things lately.

Last night we made Spy Thai Beef. It was a hit with everyone except # 3. She would not even taste it which was odd because she normally loves to eat meat. She ended up dining on the wonton chips dipped in leftover hummus.

For our son, I took beef out of his bowl prior to adding the peanut butter and mixed his with sunflower seed butter instead and left out the edamame. He loved how I arranged his chips in the bowl like a “cool crown.”

My husband and I are on a lower carb diet so this was win/win for everyone! You can find more great beef recipes at KansasBeef.

Click here for the recipe. SPY THAI BEEF