Real Women

Twice in one today I saw the same post pop up on facebook, a video about “Real Women” exercising. I knew I had to get up in that nut and crack it.
Are you a woman? If the answer is yes, than you are a real women. Be ‘real’ though, you know exactly what sort of post I’m talking about. If you are like me, you sigh then open the link to watch the video because your lovely friend thought it was great, but you are hesitant to click LIKE until you see the darn thing for yourself.
Yep, as suspected. The video shows a whole lot of women, some more lotta than others, working out with ample thighs full of dimples hanging out of too short shorts and some wearing only sports bras, no tops.
The video is celebrating “real” women. Who decided that to be a real woman you have to be overweight, jiggly, and work out in overly revealing clothing?
Logic. I like to try logic first with these types of conversations.
Fat women are real women.
Skinny women are real women.
Moms are real women.
Aunts, sisters, Grandmas… real women.
Women come in all shapes and sizes.
Occasionly, you might be walking down the street with your husband and you whisper “hey, is that woman? Wait, no, it’s a dude, no, no, I think it’s a woman.” A moment like that may perplex you and cause you to wonder “real woman?”
Guess what? Victoria’s secret models are real women too. Maybe some of them have real eating disorders. But I bet a lot of them are really healthy and fit and are just naturally AND astonishingly beautiful. They are still real women.
I like to work out. I have a husband and four kids. I’m not in tip top shape. I don’t look at all like a Victoria’s Secret Model. On the other hand, I also look nothing like the women in all of the “real women” posts. There is always someone prettier, skinner, healthier, faster, and in overall better shape.  And they are all REAL!
All of us are real women! Come on! Shouldn’t any woman be celebrated for getting to the gym?
I get sick, kids get sick, my house needs cleaned, food  needs cooked, and on and on, so getting to the gym, staying in my skinny jeans, trying to look pretty and stay healthy for my husband is worthy of some real woman praise!
When I go to the gym, I wear a shirt that covers my tummy and shorts that cover my upper thighs. You are welcome!
Finally, what if one of those “real” women gets in awesome shape, is skinny, and stunning, would her overweight friends no longer consider her real?

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