My job is hard. But so is my husband’s. It’s the day after Father’s day and so I have been thinking about all the fathers in my life. The ones I see the most are my own father, my husband, and a man named Bob. Each of these men are extraordinary in their own ways. Respect!

Too often, I get really whiny about our financial situation. Back in the day, my husband and I imagined being a lot better off financially than we are right now. But things happened like buy-outs, lay-offs, and maybe a few strokes of bad luck. But never once, in all these years, has my husband asked me to give up my job at home so I could make money. He wants one of us to be with our kids all the time, to be the primary influence in their lives.

There is nothing like watching him come home after a 12 hour shift at his retail job to make me cringe at the “woe is me” thoughts that run through my head when I can’t buy a new pair of shoes or drive one of my dream cars.

My eldest daughter goes swimming twice a week at the YMCA. She’s on swim team now. There is a mom I see every week. She’s tall with a pretty blonde bob. I’ve hardly ever seen her in the same pair of pumps. I stare without trying to be noticed. Her clothes! Oh, the pencil skirts and pressed jackets! Her high heeled shoes and tall boots! I wonder “what is it like being that woman?” She probably has a high powered career. She gets to boss other adults around, make deals, all while looking amazing in her designer clothing.

Yes, I fantasize about spending a day in another woman’s pumps while I sit there in my mom jeans with my shirt hiked up breastfeeding my fourth child. But at the end of the day, I am truly at peace with our decision to raise four kids. Even if I did get work, we could not afford day care. Let’s see, I’m qualified to teach dancing and be a receptionist. I’d rather be able to say I spent my day being an educator, chef, laundress, cheerleader, ref, playmate, and lover.


Sometimes people say to me “oh, it must be nice to make enough money that you can stay home.” Ok, well, chances are the very person saying that to me makes twice what we bring in each year, or more.

My husband and I are a testimony of faith. We are proving that even in a failing economy, a mom can stay at home with her kids. She can drive very old used cars, make rice and beans twice a week, buy meat when it has been reduced for quick sale, use cloth diapers(which truly stinks sometimes), store lots and lots of hand me down clothing, shop at Goodwill for herself and her kids, enjoy movie dates at home with her sexy husband, cook, cook, and cook some more.

Sometimes it seems like a true miracle when we make it through the next month. I wonder “How did we not go under this month?” ┬áThen I thank the Lord for providing and never take Him for granted in all of this. None of us are hungry or cold, or lacking shelter. We keep on trucking.


Bob is another man I respect. He and his wife possibly have less than we do. They have not only raised their own children, but are raising several grand children. Their love is fierce and Bob works so hard to support his family, just like my husband does. Brent does it all for us, out of love. He believes in what we are doing.

I’m grateful to Brent. He works long hard hours with a lot of physical labor. When he is off work, he is mowing, doing yard work, playing with his kids, cooking meals, giving ME a break!

To all of you hard working Daddies out there, thank you, we truly appreciate everything you do! Happy Belated Father’s Day.