Track Buddies

When I’m lucky enough to leave the baby at home with an adult, I get to run on swim class nights.

After a while, I get to know the regulars. I have names for them.

Bag Lady wears the same baggy shirt every time and carries her purse.

Tall Fast Dude is tall, probably in his late 50s, and is really fast. He likes to do sprints. We have yet to speak to each other, but we nod and smile.

The B.A.Gs. Big Arm Guys. The Meat Room is right across from the track. One time I got checked out! I’m not attracted to most of the dudes in the Meat Room, but it totally made my day that I got checked out! Easy thrill.

The BAGS strut awkwardly from the meat room to the track, run like crazy 2 times around the track, and leave. That’s it.

Hand Talking Lady. She walks with one or two friends and makes a lot of gestures with her hands and arms. When I run past her, I put up my arm as a shield lest I leave with a black eye.

Stretchy. Honestly, I have no clue what Stretchy does for a work out. He hangs out on the deck. You can enter the deck from either side of the track. It looks out over the gymnastics room and the big gym. There are a few work out machines on the deck and mats for stretching. Only Stretchy does not sit or stretch on the mats. He does it facing the mats a few feet away and stares at everyone else using the mats. I’m not making assumptions.

Sissy Run. Sissy is a man who has the most girly run I’ve ever seen. I’m not being mean here. It is impossible for me not to crack up when I pass him. Good thing my music us generally blasting in my ears so it appears I am loving my run and my music (which I do).

There are a few other semi-regulars. I’d say other runners like myself, but who knows what I really look like and what my track friends call me. Of course if I had to guess they’d be flattering nick names like “tall gorgeous blonde” or “Fast Pixie Girl.” But who are we kidding? I’m laughing with you track friends!